What I did on KMS today and MG StrikeFreedom WIP Day 3

I’ll keep this short and to the point.  I know its been a while since my last update and sorry about that.  I so far have painted and put together the inner frame for the left leg of the StrikeFreedom.  I haven’t really been in the mood lately to building it =/.  Anyway no pics for today since its basically the same thing as the right leg. No need for repetition you know?

As for what I’ve done on KMS today.  I got my dual blade, which can be made again for a limited time, to 48 from 35 today.

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Updated equips page and a random vid

I finally got around to updating my equips page with pictures of my equips and stats box on KMS. Continue reading

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Yeah…I’ve been lazy haha

Yeah the past few weeks I’ve been lazy at putting together the Strike Freedom.  I’ll get around to starting it again soon haha. So yeah don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about it.  I’ll also get around to editing most of the stuff on here once I get off my butt and do it lol.

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Build day 2 of 1/100 MG Strike Freedom

Yeahhh so I took longer than I thought to get into the mood to start building the next part haha…anyway I got the inner frame and the ankle for the right leg done.  I did a little extra painting on some of the parts, most noticably on the ankle armor with the little bit of gold.

Continue reading

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1/100 MG StrikeFreedom WIP Day 1

Hey guys, here’s day 1 of my strike freedom work in progress.  I decided to start with the waist parts.  I figured it would be easier to start with a base, then to start with the body as the manual wants you to start with.  I’ll be doing some things with the paints like the gold plastic parts I’ll be painting with gold gundam marker.  Sorry if the pictures are horrible, I’m taking them using my BlackBerry Storm.  Click on –> for images. Continue reading

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My first blog post :)

Hi guys!  Welcome to my blog.  In the future I’ll be updating this with things I’ve been doing lately.  I’ll be documenting  my journeys on KMS,  my day by day build schedules and reviews on my gundam model kits, and if I get in the mood for it, screen shot reviews/let’s plays on some video games.  Till my next post, farewell~

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