1/100 MG StrikeFreedom WIP Day 1

Hey guys, here’s day 1 of my strike freedom work in progress.  I decided to start with the waist parts.  I figured it would be easier to start with a base, then to start with the body as the manual wants you to start with.  I’ll be doing some things with the paints like the gold plastic parts I’ll be painting with gold gundam marker.  Sorry if the pictures are horrible, I’m taking them using my BlackBerry Storm.  Click on –> for images.

Crotch, railguns, front/back skirts painted and attached. (I don’t have the grey to paint the railguns sadly)


Here are the railguns extended to show the gold part on the inside

Side view of the railguns closed from the other side

Tomorrow I plan to try to get at least one of the legs done, hopefully I can get both of them painted and put on.


About Cobray

I'm just a guy that plays KMS, builds gunpla, and does other random stuff I don't really feel like saying here ;P
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